Who should I contact if the Bitcoin Core docs point to a malicious website?

Ok so it’s not directly, but, the GitHub of bitcoin (`bitcoin/bitcoin`) tells you to check out the Bitcoin Wiki at [](

I was reading through JSON-RPC API reference and there’s the PHP section, which links to a “JSON-RPC PHP” library, but the link then redirects to a completely different and malicious website (Blocked by Malwarebytes):



It’s not the link to the , but inside there is a another link to a json rpc library which redirects to a different domain.

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  1. Is this about jsonrpcphp DOT org?

    Just checking whois data history. Seems it was last changed in April this year. Maybe the domain expired. Seems to have been owned by some Sergio Vaccaro before. His website: []( There’s also an email address there. You could contact him and ask him about the domain.

  2. Good catch, it looks like link rot. I agree with you that where the link goes now appears to be malicious (no https & tries to make me install a Chrome extension), at the very least it is not supplying the expected info on a php library.

    Hopefully someone with edit access to the wiki sees this and updates it to remove/change that link. AIUI the community of wiki editors is “based” around bitcointalk forum but I’d expect there’s a decent intersection with this subreddit.

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