Why BTC would remain ahead of ETH


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  • ETH will always fall behind BTC, Mr. Wanderful insists
  • When Wanderful was a crypto skeptic

Canadian TV personality Kevin O’Leary popularly called Mr. Wanderful has said that Ethereum will always be number two and come behind Bitcoin no matter what.

Mr. Wanderful described BTC as gold saying Ethereum will forever remain silver. The TV personality notes this despite Ethereum’s continuous surge against Bitcoin.

Ethereum surge vs Mr. Wanderful prediction

ETH has continued to surge this year with the altcoin price hitting a new ATH price Today at $2,800. The altcoin this year has recorded a significant rise in its market cap at 15 percent while Bitcoin’s dominance as number one crypto dropped to 48.3%.

Amidst this, the TV personality predicts that BTC will remain number one and ETH will always be number two. Mr. Wanderful in an interview with CNBC said investors would continue looking at BTC as digital gold and as an alternative against inflation.

He painted an analogy that the first will always remain first like a horse race saying BTC is number one.

ETH supporters largely believe that someday, ETH will break into fresh highs and surpass BTC as number one crypto owing to its blockchain capabilities and its complex smart contract capabilities which differs it from money.

Mr. Wanderful, however, is at the other side of the bridge saying ETH will only be used for tracking and payment system.

When O’Leary was indifferent about BTC

O’Leary previously had a love and hate relationship with crypto and Bitcoin particularly. He had a negative stand on BTC in 2019 describing the number one crypto as worthless and garbage.

He changed this position in March and allocated 3% of his portfolio to the asset. The Canadian TV personality also called the crypto mined in China blood coin. He said he will only buy BTC mined with clean energy and told investors to follow his lead.

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