Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash

Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash

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  1. >Depending on the model of CBDC, central banks risk either cutting out commercial banks, a vital funding source for the real economy, or assuming the direct risks and complications of banking the masses.

  2. They desire a “cashless” system of money, where they are in control of every “bit” of money.

    **This leads to literal slavery. Don’t become a slave.**

    First, think about negative interest rates. You have a bank account, the bank starts charging you interest to keep your money there. Unless you have a very small amount of money in the bank or you’re stupid, you’re going to just take your money out of that bank. If a competing bank is paying zero percent or more, you have the option of moving your cash to that bank. If all banks are offering negative five percent interest, you can hide your money in an old, empty paint can in your garage and not have to pay any bank to hold your money.

    But wait!

    If the central bank has its way, there won’t **be** any other banks to move your money to. Furthermore, there won’t **be** any cash for you to hide at home. ***This is extremely important. Let it soak in.***

    With CBDCs, people will be “trapped”. The only way to avoid paying the negative interest would be to spend it. The central bank, in this case, gets’ to charge whatever negative interest rate they want, say, 40% per month. You might be thinking, “Okay, I’ll just live paycheck to paycheck,” but it gets worse.

    Let’s say you want to buy a book about Bitcoin. The central bank can block your purchase. Let’s say you want to buy Bitcoin itself, they’ll block that, too. The central bank will be able to monitor you and dictate what you’re allowed to buy, when you’re allowed to buy it, what you’re allowed to pay for it, whom you’re allowed to buy it from. They’ll be able to control the money you earn, or ***whether you’re ‘allowed’ to earn any money at all****.* They will own you and control you. You will literally become their slave.

    Remember: it is a lot easier to fight for your freedom while you’re still free. Once you’re enslaved, it will be nearly impossible to fight them.



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