Why do whales move their coins into many addresses with tiny amounts of bitcoin per address? (more info in the body)

check out this wallet [](

it has mostly outflows, and each tx either leads to one wallet, with 0.x or 0,0x btc, or from the 2nd wallet, we get 2tx (an inflow and outflow into more wallets, like here: [](

and whats this, all these txs [](

why do they do this?

and lets say a whale started with 20,000 btcs, and it got divided into many 0,1’s, how would they move the 20,000 if theyre so divided?

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  1. Large value addresses belong to exchanges. Consider that they send out withdrawals on request at all hours of the day to thousands of customers. And they take deposits in as well. They need to actively maintain their wallets and likely do that programmatically. You want to avoid creating dust, very small value outputs. And you want to avoid monolithic addresses since you don’t want to get stuck with unconfirmed change that you can’t spend at will.

    The whales likely don’t keep everything in one wallet, let alone in a single address. And the few that do own large balance addresses probably don’t touch them very often since it’s immediately noticeable to the nosey onlookers.

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