Why Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange LCX Could Challenge the “Almighty” Binance in the Future

I came along this potential gem of an ecosystem and wanted to share with the sub. Especially with the latest craze of tokenization. *They are starting their “100 Days Growth Campaign” tomorrow(22.03.21), with 100 straight days of announcements.*

Current Market Cap: $69,033,234

Maximum Token Supply: 950,000,000

Current Price: $0.1219

*”Tokenize Everything. That’s written on our website and part of our long-term vision. I see blokchain similar like the introduction of email. Every financial asset will be tokenized. It leads to efficiency and growth. We are not delivering a single solution. We are delivering a smart interconnected blockchain ecosystem.”* – LCX CEO Monty Metzger

* Headquarters in Liechtenstein. With offices in Switzerland, India, and the United States.

* Focuses on digital asset trading, compliment token offerings, and tokenization.

* Looking at tokenization of diamonds, painting or tokenizing company shares.*

* Working on a QMM system. QMM stands for quantitative market making. A smart liquidity protocol where users will earn fees by providing liquidity. AKA Staking in the near future.

* Working with Wesley Snipes to tokenize his movie production studio called “Daywalker”. This will give fans the opportunity to profit from future earnings of the movie.

* Partnerships with Animoca Brands, BioID, Blockchain Research Institute, Chainlink, Elliptic, FinTank, Global Digital Finance, Icon Foundation, JUN Capital, Ledger, and more.

A Suite of Interconnected Products

1. LCX Exchange: A secure and regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

2. LCX DeFI Terminal: Decentralized trading platform for Uniswap with super fast markets data, beautiful charting, and tradingview integration. Allows for limit orders on Uniswap.

3. LCX Token Sale Manager: The most advanced and fully compliant platform for any token sale, regardless of whether utility or security token.

4. STO Launch Pad: Compliant one-stop tokenization platform for security tokens to automate the fundraising and investor management on the blockchain.

5. LCX Prices Oracles: Credible and decentralized cryptocurrency reference prices.

6. LCX Terminal: Portfolio management platform across all major cryptocurrency exchange.

7. LCX Token: Fuel of the platform. Works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem.

* Experienced team, advisors and partners: Advisors include for example: Don Tapscott, leading thought-leader, author and founder of the Blockchain Research Institute Canada, Yat Siu Serial Entrepreneur and investor at CryptoKitties or Sandbox. and famous Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and founder of Fandom.

* At least 50 more coins listed at LCX Exchange within the coming months.

* Token Venture Program: The TVP is for all projects preparing an initial token offering or initial exchange offering. LCX provides everything you need for a compliant token sale. The legal setup, the legal documents and the whole technology platform to host the token sale.

* Token Growth Program: The TGP is an incubation program providing free listing and additional growth services to outstanding blockchain projects. LCX is looking for projects which have a strong online community, an outstanding product and a strong leadership team.
They offer super fast listing times and free listing via the token growth program.
Currently they have nominated 10 projects and are speaking with their founders and management team on a close collaboration.

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  1. Many people say Switzerland is a tiny country… what if I tell you that you can drive through Liechtenstein in 30 minutes ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|fiat)![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|rekt)

    TLDR: Small country, big impact

  2. The best tech isn’t always on top. Why does BTC have a higher market cap than cryptos that do more than BTC or do what BTC does, but better?

    So it sounds like a good project and all, but there ain’t no sure things. Sometimes… the shittier version wins in the end. If nobody starts using it, it’s never going to rival Binance.

  3. Its a massive project.
    What other project is currently hiring for more than 30 positions?
    Team tokens are locked up 1,5 year more too if I recall.
    It will be a one stop shop for everything you can imagine.

  4. I put money in coss when it launched. so I don’t have problem jumping in specially in a exchange token with so low mcap and specially in exchange from Switzerland.

    edit: just bought some. also I digged more and found that this was initially announced as binance LCX AG joint project in 2018. but partnership didn’t go anywhere. looks like LCX AG went ahead with plans and launched on their own



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