Why Merchants Prefer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Over Bitcoin (BTC)?


People worldwide are increasingly preferring Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over Bitcoin (BTC). The recently published website,, presents interesting data and facts emphasizing the BCH’s benefits and the reasons for its popularity. The website is made by Kim Dotcom, a technology entrepreneur advocating the use of BCH, and intends to integrate the BCH in his upcoming app developed to achieve content monetization.

Benefits of BCH

BTC is compared equivalent to digital gold although it’s BCH that has stayed true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s philosophy. The network speed of the BCH (100 transactions/second) is far greater than that of BTC (3-7 transactions/second), and the cost associated with transactions is also considerably lower in the case of BCH.

By dissecting the details of the total transactions per year around the globe, the website classifies a total of 3 trillion transactions/year into cash transactions (75%), credit card transactions (13%), and other forms of payments (12%). Even if BCH could capture 1% of total cash transactions, this would peg at 82 million transactions/day. This high traffic would further optimize the transaction cost and make the system even more affordable for the masses to use BCH. With a merchant network of 100,000, BCH has a wider reach, cutting across countries and their borders. Get to know more about bch sports betting in detail!

BCH Value Surge

This information’s positive impact was visible in the way BCH registered gain in its value of late – 4.51% up against the value of BTC, 15.12% up against the value of ETH, and 27% up against its own value last week. The total market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash also surged and settled at $11.22 billion, even as it gained 136% against the USD in the last 90 days.

It has also been observed by recent momentum and Bitcoin Cash price prediction, the currency marks overall growth in terms of price and daily transactions compared to that of Bitcoin. Friday evening’s statistics showed that BCH surpassed BTC as it processed a total of 365,975 transactions while BTC managed to process only 354,065 transactions.

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