Why People Still Use Robinhood After Everything Amazes Me

Why People Still Use Robinhood After Everything Amazes Me

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  1. People use it because buying crypto the normal way is “too hard” and probably wouldn’t be able to figure out how to convert crypto back to fiat. That, and people are only in it for the money so doesn’t matter to them if they hold a coin or contract.

  2. They use if for the same reason people use Coinbase, it is point and click easy.

    They don’t care about the company any more than people *really* care about Nestle or Coca Cola. They just know “I click, I buy”

    When you explain to people that you don’t actually “own the coin” that sets them back mentally. A lot of people don’t want to get a new app and set up a credit card in a new exchange, especially an exchange they don’t really know anything about.

    Add to that the concept of wallets and possibly sending out your money to a place you don’t understand with the inherent risk of losing by 1 simple click to the wrong address. No way. “ I click, I buy” they see the coin go up and the money go up, they think they are in the game and it was easy.

  3. I’ll hand it to you guys. I thought the gme thing was an isolated incident, and RH was by far the easiest account to setup, and start investing right away. I was so worried about missing out, and my initial goal was to invest in the market. I’ve been a bit on the conservative side, but ive turned 1500 into 5 since the end of January. Only about a quarter way in, my buddy convinces me that crypto is on another level then the market rn. I study up on crypto and do my own DD, but also kind of got into crypto initially from the whole doge thing, just like everybody else. I make a quick buck on doge in February, and the rest is history. I couldnt imagine trying to transfer my funds in the middle of a bull run, and again fomo’d myself into just “putting off the RH transfer until after”. Well fast forward to now, and I bought back into doge when it hit 8 cents on the dot. Well yesterday its sky rocketing, and seeing history repeat itself, when doge didn’t cross 50 cents. Put in limit at 39, and

    “pending transaction, cannot be initiated” and the price tumbles…..

    And even worst, they won’t let me cancel and try again.

    You fucking kidding me… Absolutely unheard of in crypto, for people not being able to sell their assets. And it happened twice! So yea, basically I’m transfering. The amount I potentially lost out on wasn’t that egregious, but its more on the principle of the situation. I just dont like the fact that I don’t have direct control over my assets.

    I know it’s going to take some time, but fuck RH at this point. And I can’t wait to short their company when it goes public.

    Thanks for the solid advice, even though I didn’t take it. Just another example that how much a force of good the internet can be. Imagine living in a time where you didn’t have access to this flow of information, and company’s like RH controlled the narrative.

  4. Because it’s easy. And it’s a game. And people hear about others making millions so they Google how to buy stock and Robinhood spends hundreds of thousands on SEO so it’s the top result and that’s what they use. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

  5. I just use it because I’ve been on for many years. I get advances and it’s honestly investing for dummies. I wouldn’t even know where to go if I stopped using robinhood.

  6. The 2021 Robinhood likes to serve his financial OVERLORDS by limiting trade at times (see Gamestop saga) and YOU DON’T OWN THE PRIVATE KEYS TO THE CRYPTO YOU JUST PURCHASED!

    In a relationship, that’s the equivalent of your spouse outing themselves as a psycho who likes who promises that the house is yours and theirs, but from tike to time, locks you out the house because the rich man down the street doesn’t like the way you look.

  7. Fuck Robinhood. “Due to Unprecedented demand your order may not execute” when I’m trying to sell at .44. fell all the way to .36 then it executed. Fuck Robinhood. Had a sell order and everything.

  8. tldr; Robinhood traders slammed the investing app after its crypto platform suffered a major outage right in the middle of Dogecoin’s record-setting rally. Robinhood said it had “fully restored” its crypto trading functions by 11:46 p.m. Thursday. “Unprecedented demand for Robinhood Crypto services created temporary issues with crypto trading,” the company said.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  9. It’s just like being in an abusive relationship that has no future. At first it seemed exciting, full of promise, and then just easy. As you got further in there were a few bumps, but those are expected. Then the issues keep coming up again and again and again. You swear you’re going to get out, but after your initial anger about the latest conflict subsides, you convince yourself that it’s familiar and easy enough for you to fool around with until something better comes along. Usually, it takes something dramatic and extremely painful to occur for someone to walk away from something so ungratifying that you’re embedded with…
    Just ask my three ex-wives.

  10. I hadn’t heard of this Slim Jim connection. It’s probably just a coincidence, but now I want to believe that this whole doge pump was started by a beef jerky brand memeing to show they’re both hip and with what their fellow kids are into.



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