Why the brave browser is really awesome, and why it still needs work

I’ve been using the brave browser for a little while now and I’m really impressed. Here’s why you should try it out:

1. Its faster (in most cases) and more light-weight than chrome, seriously
2. Super easy to transfer all your old browser extensions and bookmarks so it really requires no commitment or effort to try
3. It has built-in ad blocker and data collection blocking mechanisms that are always being updated to fight the new tricks to collect data and serve ads
4. It has a built in tor browser, essentially giving you access to a very secure, completely free VPN
5. It has built in IPFS (interplanetary file system) support, which is a decetralized, peer to peer file sharing system that no other browser supports natively yet.
6. You can opt in to see discrete and unobstructive ads in exchange for payment in BAT, the Brave browser cryptocurrency. [Here’s an example of a new page tab with an ad in the bottom left, worth about 0.01 BAT or $0.005](
7. You can easily support any content creators you like, or even anonymous users on a forum with BAT. Either through automatic monthly payments or just a tip. It even has a built in tip button for reddit, twitter, and github next to every user’s name

I’ve always used ad blockers but kind of had a moral conflict with it, considering ads are really important to support content creators. But I really despise this economy surrounding selling peoples private data. Companies are collecting information about you, and selling that information for profit, incentivizing them to manipulate your behavior so they can extract as much info about you as they can. Brave gives you the ability to sell your attention directly to advertisers, so you can still support creators with ads, but no middleman is profiting off of this system. I will say though, it’s not perfect, in fact, the crypto aspect of it isn’t that great right now. If you’d like to withdraw the crypto you’ve earned through ads or payments from other users, you have to verify your wallet through Uphold, a centralized crypto exchange that requires KYC. This really goes against the ethos of crypto in my opinion and I hope that this will be able to change in the future, but apparently this is a legal requirement. Brave will soon be introducing a non-custodial wallet that ties together the rewards system, DEXes/DeFi, Fiat to crypto payments, and NFT use cases, but I’m still not sure if this means that withdrawing will be possible without KYC. Also, it would be ideal if payouts for ad watching was instant rather than monthly, but this is impossible now due to high gas fees. I think brave has put the cryptocurrency aspect of the browser on the backburner for a while, and that’s a good idea in my opinion. We need to see good layer 2 before we can see really good utility of crypto in browser and focusing on making a great standalone browser while that stuff develops is essential before trying a bunch of crypto stuff, otherwise you just have a novelty browser that no one actually uses. I think this year could be huge for development of Brave’s cryptocurrency functionality, which makes me excited to see where it goes.

What’re your thoughts on Brave? Any positives or criticisms I left out?

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  1. Just started using brave last week. It’s practically the same as chrome. I love how it doesn’t consume as much RAM too since I’m one of those types of people who leave a ton of tabs open. Also the way it integrates wallets into exchanges is really convenient. Transferring profiles is a no brainer. And lastly the tiny bonus of you getting paid when you receive ads.

    I’m excited what else the Brave dev team will add to their basket.

  2. Im doubling up with using the Presearch search engine with Brave browser. Between the 2 so far i made about 30 cents in a day lol

    Well compared to getting nothing but my data harvested by chrome and google, its not much but its honest work

  3. I love it, except you cannot load torrents to qbittorent on brave. It goes right to it’s default one that sucks. I don’t know why it doesn’t give you an option. This is my only complaint.

  4. I use it and I’m really impressed by it, didn’t expect such quality (mainly expected it to be a scam). But if they’d add more ads that would be great because this way I’d be able to withdraw BAT in 2074

  5. I’m enjoying most of the features you mention (except IPFS, which I have never come across). But I have Brave installed on two machines – one Windows and one Linux – and the ads don’t work the same in the two operating systems. In Linux, I see ads in the Notifications that pop up at the top of the screen as well as in the corner of newly-opened tabs, but in Windows, I only see ads in new tabs.

    Also, it would be great if more advertisers joined in.

  6. I downloaded brave just this week and already loving it. The swift change from Chrome happened without much effort and the sync with the phone app also helps getting used to faster, also BAT comes from PC + App which is noice.

  7. I’ve been using it for over a year and I have no plan to change. Really solid browser. I am not collecting BAT though, as disabling the adblock would kinda defeat the purpose for me.

  8. From my DMs, courtesy of /u/BootyPleasure:

    >Sorry for the DM but account’s still too new (although loooooong time lurker).
    >Love Brave for lots of the same reasons most people do. I’ve also invested a “healthy” amount in it based on its current growth (7-9% MAU), upcoming projects timeline, and the fact that it makes BATs value less speculative by forcing it as their currency.
    >My only real concern is Brendan Eich. Super-smart guy with less-than-popular opinions. Opinions that were strong enough to block him from being CEO of his own product (Mozilla). (Although, statistically founders don’t make the best CEOs, Mozilla was big enough that its value would decrease much further had Eich stayed onboard, and other reasons that I can’t remember now and this message is already longer than I intended it to be.) Honestly his same-sex marriage views aren’t as concerning as his COVID-19 denial views as the latter is more recent and shared by less people (making it easier to be criticized).
    >Personally, I’m still keeping my holdings for the long-haul, but might be tempted to sell in a couple years rather than waiting out for my original five year plan. Brave as a product is still solid now and for the forseeable future and can likely continue functioning even if there is more backlash against Eich, but I’ll probably be paying more attention to Brave-related news than I wanted to.

    I’m disappointed to hear this, listening to him talk on [Lex Fridman’s podcast]( he seems like a really smart guy, but I guess that doesn’t mean he can’t have bad takes on shit. I’d say I’m less concerned about talking about BAT as an investment, this post is more concerned about the positives of the Brave browser itself. I have no price predictions or advice on investing in the platform

  9. Great write up!

    I use brave every day. I used to get so many ads and get a lot more BAT than I used to. Now I don’t get nearly as much. Not sure what happened, I went into my settings and made sure I got those most ads I could per hour.

    It’s just fundamentally a better browser than Chrome. The BAT payouts are a bonus at this point.



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Gold (XAUUSD) Price Penetrates Support Level of $1,741, Further Declination to $1,680 Is Possible

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