Why you should NOT use Bitcoin.

TL;DR : You should not use it, only hodl it.

Now here is my point :

For this “article”, I assume you (reader) are at least a Bitcoin maximalist. So if you are less convinced about Bitcoin than “ALL IN”, you will disagree with me quite rapidly. Please ignore this post if that is the case, because I am not here to launch debate or even a discussion about BTC being less than the Mighty perfection” that it is.


So, the implications are :

It’s far more than money’s worth, it’s philosophical worth.

It’s more than a technology, it’s a major all-changing invention. An invention making a new age possible. I mean a new age like [the age en enlightment](
A new age permitted by technology, yes, but like all new ages before.

The invention of drawing, for the cavemen, then writing a little after, were the possibility to extract knowledge from the living to give it to “all would could see it”. Big big advantage for the then “all-new” civilization of humans to be able to “speak to” future humans, and “listen to” past humans.

The invention of printing launched the biggest spread of this knowledge ever know to mankind. Accessibility was really poor before it, because how hard and expensive it was to even learn how to read…

The invention of telegraph/radio/tv…all other new spreading of information ever discovered quite regularly this last century…each time, big world-wide revolution and each time big change for all mankind about how we see the world and what we know about it.

The internet was…well… of course, a big pivotal point. What would be your life without internet right ? Please remember that there still exists a lot of people alive today who spent the majority of their lives without it.
Even the word “internet” only exists since 38 years !!!!!

So when the internet celebrates its 100 birthday, Bitcoin will be 75 !

When the “world wide web” celebrates its 100 birthday, Bitcoin will be 83 !

100 birthday of the one billion users ? BTC is 84 !

The billionth website ? Ho…well…BTC is 106 years old.

It’s more than store-of-value. It’s more than decentralization of trust. It’s more than anything we ever knew, because we are even far from understanding everything a Blockchain with that amount to network-power can achieve for us.

End of war ? It’s a decent possibility. New World Order that we can all agree with, that would satisfy every single person on earth ? Why not ? If you want to dream, like a wise man said, don’t be afraid of dreaming big 🙂

So we agree…since BTC is the “Best thing in mankind history”, all that we want is to protect it, to help it grow, and to be an instrument in its revolution.

My belief (and the point of this post) is that the best way to help BTC is to use it as little as possible. Meaning as wisely as we can…so that it is not overwhelmed by useless usage of its potential.

In fact, the best that could ever happen to help the network is to die holding your coins and take it to the grave, no ?

I believe you can do more.

Find people who have Bitcoin.

Hunt them.


Remove from them their ability to access their coins. (What ? Killing is not the only option, no need to be psychopaths)

If you are not hunting Bitcoiners, you are not doing the best you can to help the network, you are not a real “maximalist”.

You believe I’m joking ? As a matter of fact, I’m seriously asking this question : why would this reasoning be wrong ?

I’m not telling you to suicide yourself with your coins or to destroy your back-up seed by fire. Just die with it, in a hundred years (I hope for you), after a peaceful life and after setting aside enough for your family and friends needs but with a maximum of your stash “saved for destruction in death”

If you come across a big corporation private keys, send it all to a “destruction address” (with a big fee, because you don’t want to wait for confirmation in this case…)

If you have time for this, learn programming and create viruses to infect and destroy every address it encounters in one way or another. You can’t get caught when the crime “doesn’t profit you”…

Well…and if you are a psychopath willing to be a hero, take a knife and find the owners of the biggest stash you can find…
( Didclaimer : of course this is not an encouragement to do that…you Freak !! )

But what do you think ? Should Bitcoin “maxiest maximalist” aim to destroy as much satoshis as he/she can ? After all, bad press is not working against it so…no downside to this ? Is this really the best we can do ?

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