Will Bitcoin Price rally in Q4? Experts and Analysts Say Yes!

Will Bitcoin Price rally in Q4? Experts and Analysts Say Yes!

The crypto market underwent a severe fall in September after a good bull run in the latter month of August. Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped more than 20% from its September high of $52,701 to around $42,000 as of today. 

Over the last decade, September has been a month of high volatility, with Bitcoin and the wider crypto ecosystem delivering negative returns. Retail investors, on the other hand, should avoid panic selling. 

Instead, they should be gearing themselves for the fourth-quarter rally. Several industry analysts point out that the crypto market has traditionally been optimistic in the fourth quarter.

According to popular market analyst Lark Davis, we haven’t reached the peak yet, and Q4 will see several crypto billionaires this year. Davis argued in April, when BTC was trading near its all-time high, that the Bitcoin bull run was just halfway through.

Davis adds that the last two bull runs in Bitcoin history, in 2013 and 2017, had sell-offs in July followed by a bull run. Then there was another sell-off in September, followed by a tremendous bull run in the fourth quarter. Bitcoin’s past bull runs have all ended with a parabolic yearly finish. 

Furthermore, on-chain data indicates that Bitcoin’s fundamentals are optimistic. Since the peak in March 2020, BTC supply has been declining across exchanges.

Lark also believes that Ethereum will eventually break through $10,000 and that it is only a matter of time. Speculating that the digital asset will increase by 190 percent will cause it to break through this price barrier. On his YouTube channel, which has over 433K subscribers, the crypto analyst sets out his research. Lark states in the video that this pricing is already “coded in” and that “it’s coming.”

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