Will This Move By The Court Turntables of Ripple’s Stance Against The SEC?

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XRP has fallen prey to the global crypto market crash alongside other digital assets, which has left the entire space trembling. The crash has resulted in the industry shedding the market cap by 15.1% at $2,330,560,166,406. Traders and hodlers from the crypto town have been expressing concerns over the crash. As the target of $100,000 for BTC seems out of reach.

Which could persuade altcoins to embark on a massive rally towards the alt season. Another bummer for the XRP community seems to be around the block. As the court of appeal has ordered the parties to file supplemental briefing on Deliberative Process Privilege. Meanwhile, an XRP whale withdraws 150 million XRP from Binance into a private wallet.

XRP Enthusiasts Need To Be Vigilant This Coming Week!

Judge Netburn orders the parties to file a supplemental briefing on Deliberative Process Privilege in light of the recent second circuit case. The order states that on November 29th, 2021, the court of appeals issued a decision addressing the scope of the deliberative process privilege. 

In light of the decision by December 8th, 2021, the parties shall simultaneously file letter briefs. No longer than three pages to supplement their arguments concerning defendants compel. The attorney cites that since the law has changed, the parties are being given a chance to re-brief as per the new law. 

He further mentions that DPP is important as to whether the SEC has to provide certain internal communications. About digital assets and whether they are securities. The attorney believes the law change to slightly give the SEC an upper hand. The increase in updates regarding the lawsuit has influx curiosity in the space.

Will This Be A Turning Point in The Legal Tussle?

The 8th of December also sees a hearing of Chief Executive Officers from platforms across the industry. The CEOs of the firms will be witnesses in the hearing scheduled on the 8th of the month. Sources suggest that the witness list includes the following delegates.

  1. Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle Pay.
  2. Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX U.S.
  3. Brian Brooks, CEO of Bitfury Group.
  4. Chad Cascarilla, CEO of Paxos Global.
  5. Denelle Dixon, CEO of Stellar development foundation.
  6. Alesia Haas, CEO of Coinbase Inc, and CFO of Coinbase Global Inc.

On the other hand, U.S Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Toomey had expressed disappointment. In the SEC chairman Gary Gensler’s response to the request of Senator for public guidance revolving around cryptocurrencies. The chairman’s response did not answer the cryptos the SEC views as securities and which it views as commodities.

Collectively, the protocol has been rising despite the odds. According to sources Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange is launching XRP ledger Nerian. An XRP whale withdraws 150 million XRP from Binance into a private wallet. Hopefully, the legal tussle prevails in favor of Ripple with the start of 2022.

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