Willy Woo, Will Clemente, Plan B — A great conversation

I couldn’t see this being posted anywhere but this is a great conversation that took place between Willy Woo, Plan B and Will Clemente. Big props to Will for taking a bit of a back seat and letting the conversation run, he’s mature beyond his years. Willy and Plan B have differing opinions about market cycles/the halving/how we’re going to make our way up, but they agree on the end result being similar.


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  1. There were some real nuggets of wisdom in there.

    What stood out to me most was Willy saying that the halving means “a reduction of the mined coins being sold on the market by half”. He then goes on to explain that there are more forces at play now that produce constant sell pressure, so the miner’s sell pressure, and therefore the halving, has less relevance. Therefore, we might not see a larger drawdown and a long bear market.

    Plan B then argues that fear and greed still play a considerable role and that “something will happen” which will cause a larger drawdown, be it -50% or -80%.

    They agree that the discussion comes down to how much of a drawdown/volatility/risk we’ll be seeing and over which timeframe, but they both agree that we will get to hyperbitcoinization eventually.

    I’ve summarised this largely from a quick recollection, so please step forward and point out nuances and arguments of the discussion that I might have missed here.

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