Winklevoss twins slam Facebook as their crypto business booms

Winklevoss twins slam Facebook as their crypto business booms

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  1. tldr; Bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss say Facebook isn’t going to exist five or 10 years in the future. The Harvard-educated twins, who won a $65 million settlement in their legal battle with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, started buying bitcoin in 2012 after getting a tip from some “early adopters” on Ibiza, Forbes reports.

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  2. it’ll be a cold day in hell for zuckerberg when the winklevoss movie comes out after they become crypto legends. the movie could literally begin right after the “social network” credits rolled. LOL

  3. i love these guys. everyone wrote them off 15 years ago after the facebook movie and ensuing drama but trust me, these two will win this divorce in the coming years.

  4. I’ve been team Winklevoss since watching the movie social network. They got screwed on that deal. In all honesty they are the sucessful ones, fuckerberg was the theif.

  5. Didn’t FB just leak millions of users personal data? Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails, who your friends and relatives are…?

    I don’t even think we’ve heard yet about all the social engineering, hacking, stolen ID’s and lost assets that will result from this breach. I for one, will be first in line for any legal class action, because I thought I had deleted FB years ago, but no, apparently my account is alive and well still!

  6. Vengeance is a dish best severed cold.

    Their family was already rich but they have done very well and when FB is destroyed the twins can laugh at the corpse and have a drink to **Satoshi….**

  7. KIN is poised (has been poised) to be the social media platform of blockchain this would include replacing FB and other centralized NON secure garbage. 550 Million of us just had our passwords stolen from Facebook.

    It now time to turn our back on centralized, web 2 technology. Web 3 and blockchain are the future.



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