Wombat wallet to be integrated with Ethereum for a wider growth of NFT ecosystem


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  • Spielworks, one of the most prominent firms working on blockchain-based gaming, has announced a new project.
  • Spielworks Wombat wallet will soon be integrated with the Ethereum network and aims to build a wider multi-chain NFT ecosystem.
  • The people with Wombat wallets in the Womplay blockchain application will be able to buy and sell assets, including NFTs.

Spielworks has taken the world by storm ever since it has taken part in the blockchain-based gaming industry. The platform for blockchain-based gaming, Womplay, has become quite famous among blockchain enthusiasts and gamers. The firm has now made a huge announcement regarding its next project and future goals.

The NFT industry is ever-growing, and Spielworks has decided to become a part of the industry by integrating Ethereum with the Wombat wallet. In the announcement, the blockchain-gaming organization has decided to build a wider multi-chain NFT ecosystem for gamers and NFT enthusiasts as well.

Wombat wallet could be the future of NFTs

Ethereum has been a center of attraction for the NFT industry, and it has been a great year for the NFT industry as well. While blockchain-based gaming is not behind, the functioning of Wombat wallet together with the Ethereum network gives rise to newer possibilities and fresh opportunities for the industry.

The world has yet to see the growth of the NFT industry and blockchain-based gaming. As explained by the CEO of the organization, he aims to build a multi-chain ecosystem wherein multiple assets are easily accessible.

Premium and famous games like Cryptokitty will be easily available to its players, along with the accessibility to popular NFTs. The NFT marketplace has been a great attraction for artists, and the combination of gaming and NFTs opens the possibility of new applications as well.

Adrian Krion, the CEO of Spielworks, has been up for challenges and looks ahead of his time. While most people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies and investment, he has adopted a different approach to blockchain.

He wants his users to find every DeFi product in his gaming application and is currently striving to build an NFT ecosystem that will also house users of DeFi hubs like Uniswap.

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