WooCommerce offers crypto payments with NOWPayments


TL;DR Breakdown

• WooCommerce will bring new themes for companies to take advantage of.
• NOWPayments expands its operations as one of the best non-custodial crypto platforms.

Some five million WooCommerce businesses will accept crypto payments using NOWPayments. The virtual commerce plugin works perfectly with large, medium, and small online companies that turn to WordPress. This entire electronic market is focused on products sale and online services management.

The WooCommerce plugin will also come with some themes for commercial stores to use. It will even have extra features that hold onto cryptocurrencies, so they are appropriately managed.

NOWPayments has a refreshing line in which companies can add new payment forms in crypto. Companies interested in this technology will have the freedom to accept up to 100 cryptos. Among the tokens that the NOWPayments system accepts are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin as a backup for fast operations.

What’s new in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce brings new features to its system that will help the average merchant to adopt cryptocurrencies. With this complement, the stores will have a renewed form of payment that has gained popularity in 2021. Transactions in crypto will be automatic and without commission payments that cause losses for the client.

This form of payment will be significant because, with it, thousands of customers can buy online. Transactions outside the country will be simple and at the same rate at the national level.

This crypto fusion with the WooCommerce plugin is excellent because it will take advantage of the entire virtual market. NOWPayments has not made an unofficial announcement of its launch.

What is NOWPayments?

For users unfamiliar with this virtual payments technology, NOWPayments is a cryptocurrency platform that works worldwide. This crypto exchange accepts payments in over a hundred tokens and helps businesses convert them into fiat currencies. It is simple to accept Bitcoin in NOWPayments and convert them to dollars in any electronic wallet.

The crypto interface also allows fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges to be adopted with ease. With the new WooCommerce plugin, these crypto solutions will be more secure.

NOWPayments gives companies several tools such as Crypto Invoices, API, Donation Widget, and the WooCommerce plugin. The crypto platform also accepts plugins such as ZenCart, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, and Opencart.

NOWPayments works as an unprotected platform, so the company will receive instant payments to the wallets they provide. Although the company has a non-custodial payment system, this does not mean it is a haven for illegal crypto operations because it has control.

NOWPayments CEO Kate Lifshits suggests that cryptocurrencies are an essential form of commerce that helps virtual businesses. Lifshits insists that NOWPayments will never lose its profitability to offer its services that support e-commerce for a long time.

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