World’s First DeFi Decentralized Casino Platform From DefiXbet

World’s First DeFi Decentralized Casino Platform From DefiXbet

Crypto casino is trending, thanks to the various cryptocurrencies available in the market. Gamblers fund casino games through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Cryptocurrency provides anonymity while giving control over the funds used. 

Amidst the huge demand for gaming and casino platforms, DefiXBet has amazed the gaming industry with the latest announcement of a decentralized casino platform with decentralized finance features. DefiXBet claims that the new casino platform is the future of betting and P2P gaming platforms. While making the announcement, the team proudly said that the decentralized P2P casino and gaming platform is the cleanest, transparent, anonymous, and most secure betting platform with DeFi features. 

Crypto-backed developers have tried their best to solve centralized casino-related challenges like interaction with players with manipulated gaming scripts, putting the players at a disadvantage. The game scripts can now be converted to smart contracts and eliminate trust issues that usually exist between players and the gaming platform. Smart contracts are known for their transparency.

DefiXBet also expects that these new features will provide more transparency, ease, and comfort to players while leveling the playing field for users of casino games. They also support decentralized betting, custom decentralized bet, or CDB. CDB allows users to create fully decentralized bets while setting their own rules on the bet.

With the newly launched feature, users will also be amazed by the incubation of casino games from third parties. The platform is going to provide space for the new blockchain-based games developed by individual developers. These games will surely get success on the platform with support from DXB. 

The decentralized gaming and betting features are scheduled to go live this December and next January, respectively. DeFi staking will be added to the DXB platform sometime in Feb 2020. The team has plans to bring a fully developed decentralized and DeFi-based gaming and betting platform by the third quarter of 2022.

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