Wow, just wow! Federal Reserve will no longer update the money supply statistics…

So I’m just doing the normal late night panic and running numbers and charts to predict the future with my gambling’s as if I am Charlie Day and I click into one of the classics…. the usd money supply. I was trying to seeing if we were up to 45% of the usd printed in the last 12 months and… “site discontinued.” “Will no longer be updating”:
It is that bad…

Good for Bitcoin as always though

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  1. It’s just been moved or, rather, split into seasonally-adjusted and not.



    And the sudden increase in M1 is mostly due to an accounting change, it’s not as bad as it looks.


    Not that USD is sound money, it’s just not hyper-inflating as it might appear.

  2. I might be in my young 20’s and it might be my first real job. I’m converting most of my saving into crypto in my early year.
    Maybe I’ll regret it but I got a degree in economics so I’d feel stupid doing anything different. Tbh.



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