xDai and Request Network Partnership. Request becomes multi-chain with xDai Stable Chain

This marks the beginning of Request to increasingly go multi chain,leveraging on several blockchains and side chains for scalability,interconnectedness,and interoperability. Nevertheless, Ethereum is and always will be the bloodwork of Request Network, and Optimism will likely be our next step for the layer 2 scaling solution.

Here is the official announcement on Requests website.”

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  1. This is a dream project to get into right now. They tick all the boxes I look for when picking a project to invest in.

    Survived the 2018 bear market, have released a working product, solve a real problem, continue to release partnerships and have no crazy hype at the moment.

  2. Quietly but steadily making its comeback while gaining more and more adoption.

    Let’s see if they can maintain the progress and further growth, but surely looking good do far.



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