Xiaomi accepts payments in crypto in Portugal


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• Portugal is one of the leading promoters of cryptocurrencies in Europe.
• Xiaomi accepts Ethereum, Bitcoins, Tether, Dash, and the native Utrust token as a means of payment in its store in Portugal.

Cryptos are increasing in reception, and now the most popular Chinese tech company, Xiaomi, has made steps to allow its adoption. The tech giant has announced that it will accept crypto payments in its stores in the very near future. The company’s headquarters in Portugal has taken the first step to promote these cryptocurrencies payments using BTC and Ether as its main tokens.

Xiaomi fans in Portugal can now buy their mobile devices and accessories with cryptocurrencies. This announcement about crypto indicates how big the market is and how its adoption has continually increased with the months.

Xiaomi technology payments using Bitcoin

Xiaomi’s choice to embrace crypto payments comes after Amazon had again denied the adoption of crypto payments. Amazon clarified that it will not accept Bitcoin as payment for the time being after rumors emerged that the wholesale store had begun to accept crypto. This news might have initially affected Bitcoin, but it recovered quickly, and today, it is trading at $44772.

On Xiaomi’s website, “Mi Store Portugal” can be seen as the first headquarters to accept crypto. The smartphone company indicates that it will accept the favorite and most popular tokens like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Dash.

All people living in Portugal can now buy their mobile phones and accessories using Bitcoin within Xiaomi. The technology store in the European region also has watches, vacuum cleaners, scooters, and other gadgets. This payment offer may be expanded for the near future, making the technology company a promoter of cryptocurrencies.

The tech brand partnered with cryptocurrencies payments platform Utrust to give the service good support. The company will even accept the platform’s native crypto, Utrust, at its headquarters in Portugal.

“Mi Store Portugal” about cryptocurrencies

Pedro Maia, Marketing agent at “Mi Store Portugal,” said that Xiaomi has risen in the technology market, surpassing Apple. Recently the Chinese brand also overtook Samsung. However, it lost its position after the South Korean company announced its new device.

Maia said that Xiaomi seeks to please cryptocurrencies fans. Maia also insists that Mi, an acronym for Xiaomi, is innovative and would not ignore the new financial trend.

Portugal has been a very crypto-friendly country in Europe, with many citizens using cryptocurrencies as payment. This is contradictory since other regions such as the United Kingdom have tried to regularize the virtual market.

Samsung is also trying to enter the cryptocurrency world, however, the company does not have an official announcement for crypto adoption yet. In 2019, the Samsung brand created its Blockchain wallet but has not shown progress for crypto payments in its stores.

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