XPOP Unveils a New NFT Tech in the Entertainment Sector

XPOP Unveils a New NFT Tech in the Entertainment Sector

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are gradually garnering global recognition, and XPOP helps the sector even further. NFTs are no stranger to the entertainment field, with sayBLOWE recently announcing a platform where users can create hip-hop-based NFTs. Now XPOP, the NFT specialist, is releasing a new NFT marketplace in Southeast Asia.

The region packs an immense K-POP fandom, and XPOP seems to be targeting exactly that. The upcoming marketplace will establish new benchmarks for both digital content and the entertainment market. Over 200 K-POP artists’ teams have registered their content on XPOP’s NFT marketplace already.

The marketplace will allow content creators to make smart contract-based transactions. Artists can trade their content with XPOP’s blockchain network. The platform is set to be released by June 2021’s end. XPOP is considered an expert in multiple sectors due to its team housing specialists in both the entertainment and blockchain domain.

Investors are flocking towards the project as XPOP’s involvement is certain to proffer esteemed revenues in a short time. The marketplace aims to help K-POP artists grow and get support for their music. However, music will not be the sole extent of the marketplace. It will also support the distribution of games, webcomics, licenses, IP ownerships, and artworks.

Tokenizing such items is simple, and with XPOP’s support, many artists will garner a wide audience in no time. XPOP’s founder stated that digital content is popular in many forms. Generating value through digital media is a norm in the modern market. That is why NFT is ready to go mainstream as well. The marketplace will help artists publicize their work.

NFTs and music bode well together, and XPOP’s new marketplace aims to target that. The NFT marketplace will help K-POP artists and other digital creators publicize their content. Given XPOP’s prestige, financial groups and investors are hoarding XPOP Foundation to indulge in the project.

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