XRP can be relisted on exchanges according to attorney Jeremy Hogan (video for reference)

Important updates on the Ripple/SEC court case

SEC has claimed that only Ripple and Ripple employees would be potentially violating securities laws if they sold XRP meaning exchanges should be able resume trading.

We could see XRP get relisted very soon which is looking amazing for Ripple in this court battle

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  1. Okay don’t downvote me, and quell your qualms. Remove emotions from the equation of what I’m about to say. Ok?

    I’ve been accumulating XRP. I am not a shill, I don’t give a fuck about their mission, or the tokenomics, or the project at all….let me be clear, I have no love for XRP….all my crypto I’m in for the long haul and the future because of their utility to revolutionize the world, but XRP I’m strictly in it for profit

    The old trading saying goes something like *”Buy when there’s blood in the streets”* and I live by that, I believe XRP is bottomed out right now because of the SEC lawsuit. If you haven’t been following the case, the SEC has been getting their shit pushed in by the defense, and Ripple might actually make it out of this mess. I believe if they can manage this, it will be seen as Ripple capable of weathering through the SEC’s shit and be perceived on a slightly better light. I mean…imagine if they can survive an SEC criminal complaint and the district court rules in Ripples favor? People will be like *Hmmmm, maybe they didn’t do anything criminal*. I’m just looking at this from a psychological perspective, most TA is bullshit, the market is all about emotions and decision making based on what others think and act, and what people are willing to buy and sell it for. People are willing to buy and sell it at 50¢, I can only imagine what people will be willing to trade for it when the shackles are removed.

    I think if they win the case and trading resumes it could do very well in the short term atleast. But again, this is only speculation, and a big roll of the dice. Fortune favors the bold.

    Let the free market decide it’s fate, not the US government.

    Edit: Downvotes incoming, some feelings have been hurt, it’s fair I guess.

    Edit2: It’s a securities violation complaint, not a criminal complaint.

  2. Good! I listened to the meeting and have good feelings about the outcome.

    Surely a win for Ripple is a win for crypto in general, no?
    Love or hate XRP/Ripple, I’m surprised we’re not all cheering them on. A win here would be game changing for everyone.

  3. I feel low-key vindicated not panic selling XRP. I definitely haven’t bought any more because I’ve soured on it since 2017, but it’s definitely looking like the SEC case is going positively. I could see some short term upside in price, I’m more excited because this could finally remove the toxic mess from the shoulders of stellar price.

  4. > which is looking amazing for Ripple in this court battle

    Yeah, for people holding XRP, basically everything that happens is “good for Ripple” or “good for XRP”. It seems that this quote is really not a meme, but pure reality…



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