You are a presumptive criminal if you have cash

You are a presumptive criminal if you have cash

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  1. It’s true. And when they kick your door in and find cash, you have to show where you got if from which isn’t so easy. Had it happen to a friend of mine almost a decade ago and they took $50k out of his safe. He still hasn’t been able to get it back yet.

  2. Asset forfeiture is the worst infringement on the 4th amendment right up there with the NSA dragnet. Having cash is not a crime and the government should have to prove that it is ill-gotten if they want to take it.

  3. The government always does this if you have too much wealth . But what about the government sponsoring terror and war in the Middle East with OUR money in the name of solidifying the USD as world standard currency.

    Nobody blinks an eye.

  4. Civil forfeiture is the most crooked law I have ever seen in place in the US and I still have no clue why we haven’t thrown it out. It is so aggravating to think somebody can lay claim to your property and claim it was used for nefarious ends and you have to prove that that is untrue.
    Had that guy who sold bongs and kept his money in his safe deposit box not kept his documentation he’d have been screwed. That is absolutely heinous and I don’t know how it’s allowed. If that is not a Fourth amendment violation then I don’t know what is…

  5. They specifically say in a safe box agreement not to store cash or bullion there. Agree that civil asset forfeiture is a joke and predatory by nature. However, storing cash or bullion in a safe deposit box has its own risks.

  6. Nearly lost our mortgage the other day because the bank didn’t like that I paid rent with cash and didn’t have withdraw receipts for it. Hopefully will be getting a nice bear market soon so I can buy some rental property with DeFi loans.

  7. Do you know how big a “safety deposit box” would be to hole 86m worth of silver? I’ve got a big living room and IDK if even that would hold all that silver.

    Something very weird about this story…

  8. tldr; Los Angeles-based couple Jeni Pearsons and Michael Store, who had $86 million worth of silver in a safe deposit box seized by the US government, have filed a lawsuit challenging the government’s seizure of their property through civil asset forfeiture. The couple, along with six others, have teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union for a class-action suit challenging the raid as an illegal search and seizure. The government had accused the company of conspiring to sell drugs and launder money.

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