You can claim 300$ worth of crypto for free if you had NFT’s or are verified on rarible and others of the sort

As i was researching coins and new coins and such I came across PAINT ( ) which is a new nft website and basically if you are verified on any of the nft marketplaces or had nfts before 18/12/2020 you can sign in with your metamask wallet and claim 1mill of their coin which is worth 300 $ as i write this . Just though everyone should know as well in case u want some free money. The tokens can be sold immediately on uniswap if you just want the quick cash .

I made a video on it as well where i show the process ( altho it’s pretty straight forward )

Hopefully is allowed

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  1. What is a NFT coin? Does Eth count? I’ve had ETH since 2019. How do I get it, so my new MetaMask wallet can register my past coins I’ve had, say on coinbase?



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