You Can Easily Scam Gift Cards on it is Encouraged!

As a P2P exchange. This Website is working directly with scammers. Be careful of an exit scam

Other P2P exchanges have issues which scammers such as eBay. But this website **Paxful** is not **regulated** in any country and is blatantly working directly with scammers because they can. The scams are not even sophisticated .. Scammer profiles all look the same. They can change locations with vpn as they please. they have many positive reviews from Africa. No id verification needed from china or Nigeria.

They are several posts here about Paxful Chinese Gift Card scammers from over 7 months ago! And the problem is still there even more than ever. Why? Because this website is CLEARLY! aiding them with this people.

Please people of the internet we are the victims.. this is not right .. we need to stand up and get these guys shut down. They will scam the right person soon. who will find my post and help me in this fight. I wont stop




If i am wrong let me know

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