“You will own nothing and be happy?” – What stops governments making Bitcoin illegal? Why are you aren’t afraid of this scenario?


(English is not my native.)

We all know why are we all here. I own BTC as part of my portfolio, you own BTC as part of your portfolio.

But let’s talk a little about [WEF]( which became internet famous in the recent months after Covid with its famous slogen: **”You will own nothing and be happy”** and with all the fuss about **”The Great Reset”**

Without stating whether one is agree, believes, or disagree, disbelief with such things, let’s run an open thinking experiment.

1. Let’s assume that in 10 years from now, recent Bitcoin investors will really reach financial freedom, a safe heaven from bank’s greedy and untrustworthy rigged system.
2. Let’s assume that big bank people who makes big money by milking services of capitalism like selling you loans with greedy terms and making fiat worthless by printing money won’t be happy about this, and they would want to end the reign of cryptocurrencies.


**What condition(s) stops the leaders of the world to simply cut us from Bitcoin?**

– Fiat becomes a digital money. ([CBDC]( Every spending of yours, including your income, any income would be monitored.

– As [CBDC]( comes, there will be no “invisible” or “safe” bridge between your ability to actually use your money and Bitcoin.

– Therefore every government could easily make Bitcoin worthless, and impossible to use, all they would need is a law and a script which simply prevents you from buying or selling bitcoin with your digital money.


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  1. Bitcoin is the litmus test – Look at the governments that have already banned Bitcoin- insecure autocratic undemocratic.

    If the world reaches a state where Bitcoin is banned in all jurisdictions it will be because citizens have allowed the world to devolve into such a piteous police state.

    Bitcoin is a revolution for restored monetary integrity and freedom.

    Such freedom will only be achieved if enough people demand it.

  2. El Salvador. As long as there is one country that allows it it’s quite easy to use your coins.
    And if we really earned our financial freedom there would be nothing that stops us from just moving there.

  3. >Therefore every government could easily make Bitcoin worthless, and impossible to use, all they would need is a law and a script which simply prevents you from buying or selling bitcoin with your digital money.

    Ever heard of peer-to-peer, over the counter, or simply providing services for Bitcoin?


    Western countries are creating regulation and taxation which, though bad, indicate towards (tapered) adoption. Companies and services on this basis are starting to invest both in Bitcoin itself and the industry.

    Why think that it is so simple for “big bank people” (?) to pull a massive rug-pull without a huge backlash. And this is now, and not the 10 years time in your scenario.

    If the implementation of CBDC is powerful enough to enable a killing off of Bitcoin, wouldn’t governments be working on banning Bitcoin NOW so that the CBDC compliments this – rather than put all these pro-Bitcoin initiatives in place only to pull a 180 on the day CBDC is introduced? And again, wouldn’t that be political suicide?

    That’s why risk management involves “likelihood” as well as “what ifs”. If they ban it anyway…. well, what can you do if the most unlikely scenario happens, except be prepared? That’s investing for you – it involves risk.

  4. Bitcoin allows countries just as much as people to escape the clutches of the WEF and the other evil globalists. Trust me, politicians hate being under the boot of globalists just as much as you do, their cage is just a bit more comfortable.

  5. My opion is
    That cbdc’s themselves will be a threat to big banking as such they will start to adapt to crypto use.
    Cbdc’s could prevent buying and selling of crypto simply by controls placed on their use.
    Them comes the issue of which political power would be brave enough to implement such a strategy?
    With banking and business in opposition,
    The voluntary adoption of cbdc’s will fail.
    How smoothly that goes is anybodies guess.
    Enough countries will succumb to the will of the people that crypto will prevail.

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