You’re hired!

You’re hired!

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  1. I just keep telling myself, in case of a major crash, crypto seems like it’s a 2-3 year cycle. If I dont need the money today. Hopefully I won’t need it for another 2-3 years until the next peak.

  2. I never fear a 25% dip it just gives you time to dollar cost average. Never will I ever go all in, in crypto. I always leave about 20%-30% out of the money I put in to buy dips. Only time I didn’t do this was with cardano.

  3. Hate on me all you want but I held from 2016 til 2021 so I deserve my fucking gains. I sold all but 1 ETH when the drop started. I’ll buy back in bigly if it keeps going though

  4. I really can’t understand people who can’t hodl. They have been warned countless times that prices can’t always go upwards. After all, a dip is healthy and helps avoid potential bubbles and huge dumps in the end.

  5. People underestimate the peace of holding. A true holder is unaffected by even the most radical swings because they’ve chosen well and don’t need the money. Major dips are exciting, especially in a bear market because it’s a steal. Major pumps are exciting because they give you confirmation of value but not the desire to sell. Holders can go long periods without really checking because they’re not short term thinkers and have invested in coins with momentum and scarcity. They’re not trying to get kinda rich quick. They’re trying to get extremely wealthy, slowly. Being bold when things are boring and patient when things are crazy. Stress free and liberated to put time into other, more fulfilling pursuits.



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