You’re Not Confused About What To Do With Bitcoin. You Just Need the Courage To Do What You Know Is Right.

Sylvain Saurel

Opt for Bitcoin and take control over your life.

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing you’ve already read some of my articles. You have already noticed that I constantly write that Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution that will change the world of the future for the better.

When I write this, some people accuse me of having a biased view. After all, I run .

I’m not going to say otherwise. My view may be biased, but that’s the nature of opinions. I share with you what I think is true about Bitcoin. However, I always make it clear that I am not giving you any guarantees with Bitcoin.

It is up to you to make up your mind based on the information I provide. My articles should only serve to inform you and give you food for thought. Nothing more, nothing less. They are not words of the gospel, although some accuse me of that.

The guarantees you have been given by Bitcoin, not by me.

. A limited supply of 21 million units no matter what. No one is asking you to take their word for it. Just look in the Bitcoin source code.

It’s all written there in the source code for everyone to see.

Similarly, the halving of the reward for miners who correctly mine a new block of transactions is also written into the Bitcoin source code. It is this process, called Halving, which every 210,000 blocks reduce the inflation of the supply of newly issued Bitcoin.

Adjusting the difficulty of mining new blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain is also written into the Bitcoin source code. This is done every 2,016 blocks issued or roughly every two weeks.

This adjustment to the difficulty of mining on the Bitcoin Blockchain is essential to ensure an average of one block issued every 10 minutes. This allows all Bitcoin users to have guarantees about the timing of the issuance of new Bitcoin units.

The reason Bitcoin can give you all these guarantees is because Bitcoin has no leader and its monetary policy is programmatic. .

No one can decide to print out of thin air more BTC than the amount that must be issued according to the schedule written in the Bitcoin source code. This schedule has never changed since Bitcoin’s inception, and it probably never will. No one has any interest in changing the strength of Bitcoin.

So the way Bitcoin works is remarkably clear.

This is what may surprise and confuse newcomers to the world for a time. Opponents of Bitcoin, powerful people in the current system who are afraid of becoming obsolete, keep telling them how dangerous Bitcoin is.

Yet, after reading the Bitcoin white paper and various articles or books, everything seems so clear and simple.

If you find the way Bitcoin works simple, it is because a monetary and financial system has to be simple. There is no need to create a closed and opaque system like the current monetary and financial system. A centralized system that allows a few powerful people to make decisions that negatively impact the lives of the many.

Once the confusion is gone, you must have the courage to take action.

At that point, a little voice might hold you back: “What if I’m wrong?”. I wouldn’t hide from you that the success of the Bitcoin revolution is not guaranteed. It seems to me that this success is inevitable, but no one can predict the future. It’s up to you to have the courage to take action and get on board the revolutionary train rather than sitting on the platform and waiting.

This is my deep conviction. I prefer to participate in a revolution to change the world by changing the relationship of individuals to money, rather than to stay on the platform and have regrets in the future.

I prefer to take control over the fruit of my work to be able to use it as I want without risking the censorship of the powerful people at the head of the current system. I wish to be able to save without the risk of seeing monetary inflation wipe out all my efforts.

So I decided to go with the Bitcoin plan to take control of my life. This is a choice made by more and more people on Earth. The most interesting thing is that it benefits the collective because Bitcoin manages to reconcile the interests of the collective with the interests of the individual.

The good news is that buying Bitcoin when its price is above $50K is far less dangerous than it was when its price was still $2K in 2017. The other good news is that you can still join the revolution in the future because Bitcoin offers the same opportunities to all its users.

On the other hand, you will probably pay a lot more for your Bitcoin. That’s just the way it is because everyone pays the price they deserve for their Bitcoin. It’s up to you to position yourself not to join the camp of those who say today, “If I had known about Bitcoin in 2017, …”.

You know the Bitcoin opportunity today, don’t pass it up.

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