50 Cent Accuses Diddy of Orchestrating 2Pac’s Murder

50 Cent is making some serious accusations against Diddy. In a recent social media post, the “In Da Club” rapper claimed that Diddy had a hand in orchestrating 2Pac’s murder.

50 Cent Insinuates Diddy Facilitated 2Pac’s Murder: “Time To Lawyer Up”

50 Cent posted a photo of 2Pac and Suge Knight in a car on the night of Pac’s shooting. He captioned the photo, “Damn, so pac got lined by brother love, LOL Time to Lawyer up, sh*t might get sticky.”

50 Cent hasn’t held back from criticizing Diddy in the past. He recently spoke out against Diddy’s parties, saying that they’re “uncomfortable” and that he “belongs in the girls bathroom” when that kind of thing is going on.

As for the Pac speculation, numerous figures have assumed that Diddy played a role in the West Coast legend’s demise. Keefe D himself claimed Diddy paid the South Side Crips $1 million to murder Shakur and Death Row Records CEO Knight. However, Keefe D expressed they never received the down payment for the hit.

Ma$e recently reacted to his former boss’ possible involvement. During the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Ma$e responded to Keefe D’s arrest. “Wait, where do I know that name from? That name sounds familiar,” the 48-year-old asked. “No, for real. I don’t know what you talking about.”

The show’s co-hosts then explained who Keefe D was. The Harlemite expressed his condolences for Pac in response. “Ohhh… that’s crazy,” he replied. I pray 2Pac gets justice, whoever is involved. I don’t even mean that in no joking way.”

During a visit to The Breakfast Club in 2016, Puffy was asked about his involvement in Pac’s death. But, the businessman declined to answer the question. “We don’t talk about things that are nonsense,” he said. “We don’t even entertain nonsense, so we not even gonna go there, with all due respect.”

Diddy has never been charged with any crime in connection with 2Pac’s death. He has denied any involvement in the murder.

50 Cent’s accusations are serious, but it’s important to note that they are just that: accusations. There is no evidence to support his claims.

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