Piers Morgan Grills Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas

Piers Morgan got into a heated exchange with former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on his show this week, repeatedly asking Corbyn whether Hamas was a “terror group.”

Piers Morgan

Corbyn refused to answer the question, saying that it was not up to him to decide whether Hamas should stay in power. Morgan then asked Corbyn 15 times whether Hamas was a terror group, but Corbyn still would not answer.

The exchange came during a discussion about the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. Morgan had accused Corbyn of minimizing the size of the crowd at a pro-Palestinian rally in London and of failing to condemn Hamas.

Corbyn said that he had condemned the killing of civilians in Gaza and that he supported a ceasefire. He also said that he did not believe that it was up to the United Kingdom to decide whether Hamas should stay in power.

Morgan’s questioning of Corbyn was widely criticized on social media, with many people accusing him of being unfair and biased. Some people also accused Morgan of trying to bait Corbyn into making a statement that he would regret.


The exchange between Morgan and Corbyn was a heated one, and it is likely to further damage Corbyn’s already fragile reputation. Corbyn has long been criticized for his perceived sympathy for Hamas, and his refusal to answer Morgan’s question is likely to confirm those suspicions in the minds of many people.

Morgan’s questioning was also seen by some as being unfair. He repeatedly interrupted Corbyn and did not allow him to finish his sentences. He also accused Corbyn of minimizing the size of the crowd at the pro-Palestinian rally, which was inaccurate.

Overall, the exchange was a negative one for both Morgan and Corbyn. Morgan’s questioning was seen by many as being unfair, and Corbyn’s refusal to answer the question is likely to damage his reputation

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