Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contentious Exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) engaged in a heated exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday during a House Homeland Security Committee meeting. The exchange centered on the FBI’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a source of information and Greene’s accusation that Wray was not doing enough to investigate terrorism.

Greene questioned Wray about the Richmond field office’s issuance of a memo warning of possible violence inspired by “radical traditional Catholic ideology.” The memo, which was later rescinded by Wray, drew criticism for its perceived bias against Catholics.

During the exchange, Greene held up a poster with private messages between an SPLC lawyer and others who participated in a protest inside the Capitol calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s war in Gaza. Greene suggested that Wray should have seen the messages because she posted them on her Twitter account.

Wray responded that he does not spend a lot of time on Twitter and that he is not part of the Department of Homeland Security, which is the agency that censored Greene on Twitter.

Greene then accused Wray of not being interested in investigating terrorism and of being a “political hack.”

This exchange is just the latest example of the ongoing feud between Greene and Wray. In June, Greene accused Wray of “hiding” alleged crimes committed by President Joe Biden.


The exchange between Greene and Wray is a microcosm of the broader political divide in the United States. Greene is a Republican who is known for her inflammatory rhetoric and her support for former President Donald Trump. Wray is a law enforcement official who is appointed by the President.

The two clashed over the issue of terrorism, which is a highly politicized topic. Greene accused Wray of not doing enough to investigate terrorism, while Wray defended the FBI’s record on investigating terrorism.

The exchange also highlights the growing distrust of law enforcement in the United States. Greene’s accusation that Wray is a “political hack” is a reflection of this distrust.


The exchange between Greene and Wray is a reminder of the deep divisions that exist in American politics. It is also a reminder of the importance of having a strong and independent law enforcement agency.

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