Is Angelina Jolie Dating in 2024? Here’s What We Know

Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, continues to captivate fans with her stunning performances and dedicated humanitarian efforts. Her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships, has always been a hot topic. So, who is Angelina Jolie dating in 2024? Does she have a new boyfriend? Here’s everything we’ve found out about her current dating life.

Angelina Jolie’s Dating Status in 2024

Angelina Jolie is reportedly dating, though no official confirmation has been made by her or the alleged parties involved. Rumors have swirled around two prominent figures she’s been linked to recently: Tony winner Justin Levine and author and activist Akala.

Close Bond with Justin Levine

Angelina Jolie has developed a close bond with Justin Levine, a Tony-winning writer. Levine co-wrote the book for The Outsiders, which Angelina has produced as a Broadway musical. During the premiere, Levine made a heartfelt comment, saying, “When you write a musical, your family gets bigger and bigger, and these are two family members,” while gesturing towards Angelina and her daughter. This statement has fueled speculation about the nature of their relationship.


Connection with Akala

In addition to her bond with Levine, Angelina Jolie has also been linked to author and activist Akala, whose real name is Kingslee James McLean Daley. The two first met at the Calabash Literary Festival in Jamaica in May 2023 and were later seen dining together in Milan. This connection has led to further rumors about Jolie’s dating life, although neither party has confirmed a romantic relationship.

Angelina Jolie’s Relationship Timeline

Angelina Jolie’s love life has always intrigued her fans. Here’s a brief overview of her past relationships:

Brad Pitt (2014-2019)
Angelina and Brad Pitt’s marriage was one of the most talked-about in Hollywood. The two met during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005 and got engaged in 2008. They married in 2014, but their relationship ended in 2019 after a high-profile custody battle.

Billy Bob Thornton (2000-2003)
Before Pitt, Jolie was married to actor Billy Bob Thornton. Their whirlwind romance and unique expressions of love, including wearing vials of each other’s blood, were widely covered by the media.

Jonny Lee Miller (1996-1997)
Jolie’s first marriage was to English actor Jonny Lee Miller. They wed in a small civil ceremony in 1996 but separated after a year. Despite the split, they have remained on good terms over the years.

Current Status: Confirmed or Rumors?

Despite being linked to Justin Levine and Akala, Angelina Jolie has not officially confirmed any romantic relationships. In an interview with WSJ Magazine in December 2023, she insisted that she is not dating anyone. This statement has left fans wondering if the rumors are just that—rumors—or if she’s keeping her private life under wraps.

What’s Next for Angelina Jolie?

As one of Hollywood’s most private yet public figures, Angelina Jolie’s love life will continue to be a subject of fascination. Whether or not she’s dating, her focus remains on her family and career. With her recent work on The Outsiders musical and ongoing humanitarian efforts, Jolie continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

In the world of celebrity gossip, the truth often lies somewhere between the headlines and personal statements. For now, fans can only speculate and keep an eye out for any updates on Angelina Jolie’s romantic life.

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